Autobody Repair and Auto Body
Repair Quotes

Get the best in auto body repair at Hollywood
Collision Center!

The auto body repair service technicians at Hollywood Collision Center specialize in repairing the body and frame of your car. After a collision, our skilled and certified professionals can return your car to its original shape, but they also perform even more crucial repairs. The most key auto body repairs restore other important structural and life safety components throughout the car and its interior. Our technicians make sure your car not only looks great on the road, but can stand up to the damage next time, too! Contact us as soon as possible for your auto body repair estimates after an accident to get your car back on the road looking like new and protecting you!

Auto body repair technicians perform such skilled and specialized tasks as:

  • Metal working
  • Metal sanding
  • Fiberglass working
  • Rust removal
  • Welding
  • Paint prep
  • Car Dent Repair
  • And more!

Our auto body repair shop doesn’t only specialize in repairs, but can also perform vehicle restorations on classic and vintage cars that have structural or interior damage due to rust or age! No car is too old or exotic for our technicians. Contact us for free auto body repair quotes!