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Refresh Your Color with
Hollywood Car Paint Shops

The car paint job experts here at Hollywood Collision Center are waiting to send your car into our 350 square foot indoor paint booth to get the perfect, even coat of the color of your choice. Our car paint shops carry over 30 professional dealership paint chips so you can choose the perfect color. Our high quality paints are special ordered for our 52 paint can Sikkens & Akzo Nobel Computerized System, and we even mix all our paints on site with our color matching system to provide the exact color you want. Paint shops for cars can be cheap and quick, but our technicians make sure your car has the quality paint job you want. Why stop at a simple car paint shop job? We also offer custom automotive paint:

  • Pearl paint
  • Candy paint
  • Custom Rims
  • Custom Detailing

We make sure to use the best quality materials while keeping the paint job safe for you, your family, and the environment too! We use only use:

  • Lead free paint
  • Water based/silicone free detailing products
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved materials

Our car paint shops aren’t only good for new paint jobs, but also offer quality auto paint repair for paint that has suffered scratches, fading, and more. Hollywood Collision Center is the perfect match of excellence and affordability to give you a quality, long-lasting touch-up or brand new paint job for your treasured vehicles. Contact us for a free car paint estimate!