Car Headlight Restoration Service

Shine Bright with Hollywood
Car Headlight Restoration Service

Cracked, broken, or dull headlights casting a shadow on your drive? The professionals at Hollywood Collision Center want to clear up your view with their car headlight restoration skills. Cracked and broken headlight lenses and bulbs can put a damper on your lights and be a danger to your night vision and visibility. Bring them in to our headlight restoration professionals as soon as possible to make your night drives safe and enjoyable again.

Discoloring, misting, and clouding due to oxidized headlight lenses is another common problem among all makes and models of cars. Some commercials mislead car owners into thinking that homemade or do it yourself headlight restoration is just as effective as a professional job. However, trying to use off the shelf products or solutions advertised in infomercials to clean your headlights can actually damage the UV layer of your headlights. Furthermore, glass and acrylic lenses require different treatments. Don’t risk making the problem worse! Trust your headlights to us. Our car headlight restoration professionals will perform several non-damaging techniques catered to your car’s headlight lenses and the type of clouding to give you the brightest, clearest headlight lenses.

Bring in your dim, broken, and malfunctioning headlights as soon as you notice a problem. Our headlight restoration service will set you back on the road beaming.