Vehicle Interior Restoration Shops

Get the best of Vehicle Restoration
at Hollywood Collision Center

Hollywood Vehicle Restoration Shops specializes in transforming your worn and classic cars into the envy of the road. Our vehicle restoration professionals can breathe life into classic and vintage cars that haven’t run for years, as well as restoring newer vehicles to their prime. Whatever your vehicle, we want to make it shine again.

However, quality restoration doesn’t stop at the exterior of the car. We also specialize in vehicle interior restoration to make sure your car looks as good on the inside as on the outside, and runs twice as well with a new or refurbished engine and beyond. Throughout the vehicle restoration process, our certified technicians will work with you to establish what you want restored, how and where you want changes and additions, and anything else you might want to renovate your vehicle just the way you’ve dreamt of.

Our skilled and certified restoration professionals work in collaboration with the quality resources available at Hollywood Collision Center, such as:

Don’t let your old cars rust, but get them back on the road with style! Contact us for a free vehicle restoration estimate today!